About Oxfam Trailwalker

Where have the event been held?

Oxfam Trailwalker started in 1981 in Hong Kong. In 2012, it was held in 13 regions, 15 countries including Australia, UK and New Zealand and Japan. In Japan, it was held for the first time in May 2007. For details on the international series of the Trailwalker, please check here.

Is it a relay?

Each team of four starts together, sticks together and finishes together.

How about the hard weather?

It will be held in rain, except in severe weather conditions, where the even may be cancelled for safety reasons.

Is there an age restriction on taking part? How fit do I need to be?

Each team-member should be aged 18 years old by the date of the event. There is no age restriction. The event does involve sustained strenuous exercise, and, as a participant, you are responsible for your own fitness to take part. Oxfam Trailwalker is challenging, but anyone can do it with good training and preparation.

Do we have to carry our kit for the whole trail?

You must carry essential safety items with you. The basic food and drink is provided at checkpoints along the course. For other items, you are strongly advised to find at least a couple of volunteers to act as your Support Crew. They can meet you there to re-supply you with changes of clothes and food of your preference.

What happens at night?

Most teams choose to walk through night. You can of course rest at Checkpoints, and there are plenty of local accommodations nearby if you want to sleep on the bed (please arrange the accommodation by yourself in advance). But please note that each checkpoint has a closure time, so please take care of your time.


Can I take part on my own?

For safety reasons, Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenge for teams of four. No more, no less. But you don't need to have completely sorted out your team just yet in order to make registration. For registration for the 2015 event, you need to have a full list of team members and apply to Oxfam Japan by the date of member change / addition.

What happens if a team member is unable to start?

It is important that every member of your team is completely fit for the event. You may make changes of your team members free of charge right up by the date of member change / addition. If you want to substitute the member after that date, you have to pay 2,000 JPY per changed member. If a member gives up the challenge during the event, the teams with just three members are able to continue, although the results will not count as the official team results even if you finish. You cannot continue with two or one for safety reasons. For details, please check the section on rules and regulations.

What if the whole team decides not to take part?

If having entered, your team subsequently decides not to take part in the event, it is important you let us know immediately. Registration fee and the fund your team has raised will not be refunded.

What if I cannot recruit a Support Crew?

Having your own Support Crew is an important safety factor and they will contribute your success of the event. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to have your own Support Crew. If it is difficult, you can still participate in the event as water and simple food will be provided at the check points.

Cost for participation

How much will cost this?

Entry fee is 60,000 JPY for 100km and 40,000 JPY for 50km. For safety reasons, you will need some basic outdoor clothing but this need not be either new or top of the range. Teams may have to stay in the area for at least one night to ensure you are properly rested before attempting the return journey, so you will need to organize some accommodation locally. Also you need your transportation cost to reach the start and to go home from the finish.


How much do we have to fundraise?

As a condition of participation, the amount is at least 120,000 JPY. Later on you may choose to increase your commitment.

Why a minimum amount? Surely as a charity you should simply be grateful for whatever we raise?

We are enormously grateful when people give a donation and expect nothing in return. And whilst we are equally appreciative that you are interested in taking part, in this case you should naturally expect a well organized event in return for the time and energy you put into the project and this costs some money to get right. Your reservation and confirmation fees help meet these costs. The remainder forms part of the overall value of the funds you raise. As a charity we have a responsibility to your and our supporters to ensure that the funds they donate are used as effectively as possible. Ultimately, the funds invested in the event need to earn a good return so we ask you to commit to raising a certain amount in return for the experience you will receive.
Completing Oxfam Trailwalker is a phenomenal achievement and it should have a fundraising target to match. We encourage you to approach your fundraising in the same spirit of adventure as undertaking the physical challenge. We believe that the difference you can make to the lives of the world's poorest people gives a real purpose to your participation in the event. It is this that makes the whole exercise worthwhile.
For 25 years of Trailwaker history, average funds is about 300,000 JPY (US$2,500).
Please also bear in mind that the total is raised by a team of at least four people, so it actually breaks down to 30,000 JPY per person. It is worth also considering that once your sponsors truly understand the enormity of what you are undertaking, they will be extraordinarily generous. For instance your friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues.
Finally, more than anything, Oxfam really wants you to succeed at this part of the challenge. Whilst we cannot do your fundraising for you, we can help. We will provide lots of practical guidance, useful support materials and inspiring encouragement, as well as feedback in terms of the kind of difference you are helping make happen. When they look back on all they accomplished on Oxfam Trailwalker, for many participants, their proudest achievement is how much they were able to help others.

Are the Reservation Deposit and Registration Fee in the fundraising total? How much of the funds we raise actually goes to helping poor people?

No - this money helps cover the administration and organizational costs of the event. Your fundraising total is in addition to this. Like all forms of fundraising, an event like Oxfam Trailwalker does incur costs. However, as stated above, your team's registration fee helps cover the organisational expenses. The remainder of these costs does form part of the overall value of the funds you raise.

Will you report the usage of the contribution to the individual (team sponsor) who donates it to the team?

The usage of the collected contribution will be reported in our reports, which will be uploaded on our website after the event. Please inform the sponsors about the organization based on this report. Registering for the e-mail magazine will be more helpful for further information.

What happens if we don't reach our fundraising target?

Fundraising is an integral part of the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge and it is a good idea to consider this aspect of the event thoroughly right from the start.
If your fundraising does not go as well as you had hoped, however, please contact us. We can't do your fundraising for you, but we can help. And the earlier you let us know, the more we can assist you.