[Event Report] Trailwalker 2017 Award Night

Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku 2017 Award Night was held on September 13th. The event was attended by more than 70 people, including not only the walkers but also the supporters, volunteers, and sponsors.
The awards were presented to top three teams in three categories, Fundraising Company/Group Ranking, Fundraising Team Ranking, and Finish Time Ranking. The team members of I Run Union Macau, who won 3rd place in the Finish Time Ranking, came all the way from Macau to participate the ceremony!

This year, the people of Otama-mura, who not only run CP9 but also organizes a secret aid station between CP3 and CP4 every year, had joined us at the venue and served savory dishes and Otama-mura's fresh vegetables.

The participants enjoyed this year's Trailwalker photo slide show as well as raffle while having delicious foods.

The fund raised through Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku will be used to support Oxfam Japan's project activities to realize a Just World without Poverty.

We would like to thank all the participants, the people of Otama-mura, and all the volunteers for your generous cooperation.