Trail Information

This year, the Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku will be held on 3-5 June 2017. Trail options will be available in both 50k and 100k.

Both trails will start in Dake-Onsen, with Mt. Adatara as its highlight. The 50k will finish in Bandaiatami-Onsen. The 100k will continue on from Bandaiatami-Onsen back to Dake-Onsen in a full loop, with Mt. Hitaitoriyama as the second highlight of the trail.

Details of the trail will be updated on this website shortly, so check back with us regularly!


3-5 June 2017
Trail Options
50km / 100km
Time Limit
24 hours / 48 hours
Dake Onsen, Nihonmatsu-Shi, Fukushima Pref.
3 June at 05:00/09:00 (100km), 06:00/10:00 (50km)
Bandai Atami Onsen, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Pref. (50km)
Dake Onsen, Nihonmatsu-Shi, Fukushima Pref. (100km)
Available Slots
50km: 150 teams
100km: 150 teams
Registration Fee
50km: JPY40,000 per team
100km: JPY60,000 per team
Minimum of JPY120,000 per team
(1) Participants are required to form a team of four.
(2) Each team must raise a minimum of JPY120,000 in fundraising.
(3) Participants must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event.
(4) Particpants have trained themselves to be fit for the required trekking.

KEY Dates

Registrations Open
7 March 2017 at 10:00 am
* Registrations are on a first come first serve basis
Briefing session for participants
& supporters
26 April 2017

Deadline for team member changes
19 May 2017
* The team will be charged JPY2,000 for each change after the deadline.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the smooth operation of the event.
Deadline for fundraising a minimum of JPY120,000
26 May 2017
* Teams must be showing a minimum of JPY120,000 fundraised on the team page in order to be eligible to participate.
Evening Reception
Early check-in & Briefing
2 June 2017
Evening Reception & Briefing 19:00-21:00 (Kunugidaira Hotel)
Early check-in 17:00-22:00 (Kunugidaira Hotel)
Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku 2017
3-5 June 2017
Final Fundraising Deadline
31 August 2017

*Please note that the deadline for team member changes and any other registration/changes of necessary team information is 19th May. After the deadline, the team will be charged JPY2,000 for each change. Please make sure to register all information by the deadline.

Trail Info

(Last updated on 18 May 2017)

CP CP Name CP Location
START Adatara Gymnasium Check-in: Inside Adatara Gymnasium
(Early check-in: TBA)
CP1 Adatara Ski Resort Restaurant "Rendezvous"
CP2 Kurogane-goya Lodge Kurogane-goya Lodge Terrace
CP3 Fureai Bokujo Imoni-kai Site
CP4 Green Town Atami Moriya Open Space
Koriyama Yuracs Atami 100km Check IN/OUT: Multi-purpose Hall Entrance
50km FINISH: Multi-purpose Hall Entrance
CP6 Nichizawa forest road Open Space
CP7 Seiryozan Club Ground floor of the West Wing
CP8 Ryokusuien BBQ House
CP9 Otama Agricultural Environment
Improvement Center
Corridor of Multipurpose Hall
Adatara Gymnasium Finish Gate

About the Check Points

There are two types of CPs, A and B.
Type A: Both check-in and check-out times of the teams will be recorded by the system. Food and drink supply will be availabe. There are toiltes. Support team car access is allowed.
Type B: Only check-out time of the teams will be recorded by CP staff. Limited supply of water and other drinks will be available. There are toilets. Support car access is prohibited.

Please click here and download the detail information on checkpoints.

CP CP Type Check
Toilet Medical
Car Access
CP Close
CP1 A IN/OUT × SAT 13:00
CP2 B OUT × × × SAT 15:10
CP3 A IN/OUT × SAT 21:00
CP4 B OUT × × × SUN 03:40
A IN/OUT SUN 10:00
CP6 B OUT × × × SUN 14:10
SUN 19:50
CP8 A IN/OUT × SUN 22:50
CP9 A IN/OUT MON 04:50
100km FINISH A IN ×
MON 10:00

  • Note1: At "◎"CP, medical staff will be placed. At "○"CP, basic meddical kits are available.
  • Note2: You cannot park your car at Adatara Gynmasium. Please follow instructions to find another parking.
  • Note3: You cannot park your car at Seiryozan Club. Please follow instructions to find another parking.


Each team member must submit the Disclaimer form, duly filled out and signed, at the time of the check-in. Please download the form in PDF from the link below and print it out.
Make sure all team members have read it, filled it out, and signed it.
All teams will be required to turn in the four Disclaimer forms signed by the team members when they check in.
◆Disclaimer form <- please download from this link.

Perking Permit

Supporters and volunters need to have the parking permit to access the event facilities such as CPs by car.
If you are coming by car, please download the corresponding parking permit from the link below, print it, and place it on your dashboard.
Vehicles without a parking permit will not be granted access to CPs and other event facilities.
Please note that each team can be supported by one car only. Teams bringing two or more support vehicles to the CPs will be disqualified.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in the smooth operation of the event.
◆Parking Permit for Supporters can be downloaed from here.
◆Parking Permit for Volunteers can be downloaded from here

Maps and Time Table


◆Complete Map ←Click here to open the map in PDF format.
◆Elevation Profile ←Click here to open the profile in PDF format.

GPX data for use with GPS equipment and/or applications can be downloaded here:
◆50km Trail Route GPX data ←Click here to download the data.
◆100km Trail Route GPX data ←Click here to download the data.

●Detailed Map

Click the section headers to open detailed maps in PDF format. You can also download them.

◆CP4-CP5/50km Finish

Time Table

Please click the links below to open the time table in PDF format.
◆Indicative pace times to complete the 100km trail in 14-24 hours
◆Indicative pace times to complete the 100km trail in 28-48 hours

Rules and Regulations

【1】Eligibility and participation requirements

  1. Oxfam Trailwalker is a team event - to be participated in teams of four.
  2. All team members must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event.
  3. Members should undertake adequate training prior to the event and be prepared and able to complete the 50km or 100km course.
  4. Members must have the knowledge, skills, appropriate attire/gear and physical strength to be able to respond to changing weather conditions in the mountains (i.e. drop in temperature, strong winds, heavy rain, etc.) The members themselves are responsible for all their actions on the trail and their consequences. Everyone is required to sign a disclaimer before taking part in the event.
  5. Each team is required to pay the registration fee at the time of singing up.
  6. In addition, each team is required to fundraise JPY120,000 or more before the deadline.
  7. Registration of all four team members must be completed and all required information on each members must be provided before the deadline. Changes/additions can be made after the deadline only with a payment of the JPY2,000 fee per change.
  8. Inevitable changes/additions to the registered information about teams or members must be reported before the start of the event. In such cases, please pay JPY2,000 at the registration counter on the day of the event and follow the procedures and instruction of the organizers. If the registration information is falsified, the entire team will be disqualified.
  9. The participants in this event are subject to the laws of Japan, regulations of local governments, and are responsible for their own action in accordance with the principles of social justice.
  10. All rights for media work with regards to the usage of photos, movies, stories and results of the event belongs to the organizer.


  1. All four team members must check-in together at the starting point during the designated period of time.
  2. All team members must stay together and only take the designated route and must check-in/check-out together at each checkpoint.
  3. Team Number Bibs provided by the event organizer must be worn and visible at all times during the event.
  4. Wrist Band provided by the organizer must be worn until the participating individual finishes or retires. Wrist bands of retirees must be attached to a Retire Card and carried by the team leader at all times during the event.
  5. All team members must follow directions given by checkpoint staff to record times and confirm that all team members have reached the checkpoint.
  6. All participants must check out before the designated closing time of each checkpoint. Participation after the closing times will not be permitted.
  7. Only those teams with all 4 members finishing together will be officially recorded and accounted for in the rankings.
  8. Teams must follow directions posted on sign boards and instructions given by staff at all times during the event.
  9. In case of severe weather conditions, organizers may decide to change the course or temporarily suspend or cancel the event in order to ensure safety of the participants.

【3】Staggered Start

  1. To avoid congestion immediately after start and on the trail, there will be 2 start times for each course.
  2. Please choose the start times when registering your teams.
  3. Select earlier start time if your team will go for the time challenge (briefing, check-in, pre-event available the day before).
  4. Registration for each time slots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Registration will be closed once the slots are filled.

【4】Withdrawing from the Event

  1. If withdrawing from the event, teams must report to the nearest checkpoint leader. Never leave the trail without reporting at checkpoints and following proper procedures.
  2. The organiser monitors the whereabouts of all participants through the check-in and check-out records at checkpoints. If a member leaves the trail without reporting his/her withdrawal, s/he will be considered lost, thereby requiring the organizer to find him/her. If s/he cannot be located before the closing time of the next checkpoint, s/he shall be considered missing. A search/rescue party will be dispatched at that point. All costs incurred for activation of search/rescue operation shall be born by the team for which search/rescue is activated. In such cases, the entire event may have to be suspended or cancelled.
  3. In principle, team member who wishes to withdraw must report in person to the checkpoint leader.
  4. If a team member is unable to reach a checkpoint to declare his/her withdrawal, the team leader must contact the emergency help desk to seek instruction to complete the withdrawal procedures.
  5. When a team member withdraws, a Retire Card will be issued to which the wristband of the retired member will be attached. This card must be carried by the team leader until the team reaches the Finish.
  6. If a team leader withdraws, s/he must designate a new team leader and report it to the checkpoint before the team continues the participation in the event.
  7. If a team is unable to check-out before the closing time, the team will have to withdraw at that point. If you foresee that your team cannot arrive at the next checkpoint in time, please call the event call center and ask for directions.
  8. In case of injuries, do not leave the injured person alone. At least one team member must stay with the injured person until the rescue team arrives. When ambulance and rescue squad are deployed, you will automatically be transported to a hospital.
  9. If one team member withdraws, after reporting to and processing at the nearest checkpoint, the remaining 3 participants will be able to continue their participation in the event.
  10. If 2 or more members withdraw, but others decide to continue, the remaining participant(s) must join another team at the checkpoint to form a group consisting of 3 or more participants who must always walk together.

【5】Nature protection and consideration to other hikers

  1. Throughout the Trailwalker routes, participants must observe walking in single file and be considerate to other walkers/hikers. When passing non-participants, make sure the path is wide and safe enough to do so. Go slowly, and make sure to greet them as you pass by.
  2. Trail running is prohibited in the Special Protection Zones and the Class One Special Zones within the national park (Bandai-Asahi National Park) as well as those areas with similar habitats. The team will be disqualified if a team is found running in those prohibited areas designated by the organizer.
  3. Do not litter. Use trash bins at checkpoints. When found littering and/or damaging the flora on the routes on purpose, the whole team will be disqualified.
  4. Please use the toilet facilities at the checkpoints. If inevitable, please use portable toilets, and bring back the papers with you.
  5. Smoking is not allowed except in the designated areas at the checkpoints. If found smoking in places other than the designated areas, the team will be disqualified.
  6. Please use capped trekking poles.

【6】Items to be carried

In order to ensure safety during the event, participants are required to carry the items listed below.?Oxfam Japan will not be liable for any safety issues arising due to non-compliance of the rules.

【7】Rules for the support crew

  1. Each team is strongly encouraged to form a support crew.
  2. The support crew should not annoy the local residents or other participants.
  3. There will be areas where support crew will not be able to access by car. Please follow instructions of the Oxfam staff about access routes and parking areas.
  4. Campfires and/or other open fire is not allowed except in designated areas.
  5. If your support crew does not follow all event rules, your team will be disqualified. (Common violations include misconducts such as going to checkpoints which are not accessible to support crew and using open fire outside designated areas.)
  6. Support crew members who choose to walk along with their teams do so at their own risk. The organizer will not be responsible or liable as the support crew members on the trail will be considered as regular hikers, and not the event participants.
  7. Please follow the instructions on signboards and given by the organiser.

Necessary items & suggested additional items

In order to retain safety during the event, participants are required to carry the items listed below.
Oxfam Japan will not be liable for any safety issues arising due to non-compliance of the rules.

  1. Course Map
  2. Mobile phone 2/team (One should be the one for team leader with the same number registered at the time or team entry and an additional phone)
  3. Extra batteries and/or chargers for the mobile phone
  4. Liquid for hydration - at least one liter per person - (Please bring your own water bottles or bag)
  5. Familiar nutrition supplements
  6. Torch or headlight
  7. Extra batteries and/or chargers for the torch or headlight
  8. Current health insurance card (original copy)
  9. Rain jacket and pants
  10. Long sleeve shirt and long pants or tights
  11. Survival blanket
  12. Hat
  13. Gloves
  14. Wrist watch
  15. First-aid kit (including insect repellent and sun screen lotion)
  16. Bear bell or portable radio to avoid animals
  17. Portable toilet
  18. Backpack to store items
  19. Well broken-in shoes
  20. Socks

Suggested additional items

  1. Compass or GPS
  2. Trekking pole
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Whistle (for use in emergency)
  5. Medicine (including painkiller and stomach medicine)
  6. Kinesio tapes
  7. Vaseline
  8. Insect poison remover/extractor
  9. Digital Camera
  10. Towel
  11. Cash
  12. Plastic bags with zipper (for waterproofing)
  13. Additional food supplies (e.g. chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, candies.)
  14. Tissue paper
  15. Notepads and pens
  16. Additional underwear and socks

※ Please make sure to ring bear bells only in mountain areas.

Clothing and equipment to protect your body

    Disclaimer Mr. Keisuke Ichinose, an official Oxfam Trailwalker Tohoku Photography Team who is also an experienced trail runner, had sent us his message to the trailwalker participants and shared the list of some clothing and equipment to protect the body under different circumstances.
    Please read through and prepare yourself for the event. (presentation can be downloaded by clicking the material on left)

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